Moderate Islam

The strange thing about the Los Angeles Times “Witch Hunt” article  (August 18, p. 1) was its own witch hunt tone. When conspiracy claims are made, journalists ― and we as readers! ― need to search for the facts. The fate of Turkey is of global importance. So what’s really happening there? And why does

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Seizing an Alternative | Toward an Ecological Civilization

Friends, The Conference for the Planet begins June 4th. If you can’t come for all the sessions, come on Saturday for $29. If you can’t make the whole day, come for the keynotes, which are free. If not, you can hear them via live stream. Conference for the Planet Located in Claremont, June 4-7 Free

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Christian Piatt Interviews Philip Clayton on New Book

Christian Piatt interviews Philip Clayton on the new book. What are the major challenges to Christian belief today — from science, from philosophy, and from other religions? Is it still plausible to believe in the resurrection and, if so, in what sense? Do Christians have to believe everything in the same way, or do different

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