The Emerging Church

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The Emerging Church

Here’s a recent discussion on the emerging church with South African Emergent leader Nic Paton. Nic is involved with The Sout Project, which he calls a “world emergent endeavour,” and has just produced a new album, “Story.” In this short discussion we talk about the new religion/science debate and how it links to emergent Christianity. Enjoy!



December 29, 2009at 4:40 am

Thanks, will check it out

Philip Clayton

December 29, 2009at 2:14 pm


Great to hear from you. (To others: Andrew has some powerful reflections on the history of the emerging church movement at: — including the provocative suggestion that we should date the END of the emerging church movement to 2009 or 2010.) Post what you think of the discussion with Nic Paton, and/or include some links to other stuff you’ve written on this topic…

— Philip

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