Organic Marxism–available now!

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Organic Marxism–available now!

I’m immensely excited that Organic Marxism: An Alternative to Capitalism and Ecological Catastrophe has just been published. Click on the link below for a description of the new book.  I’m sure it is the hardest-hitting book I have ever published. It’s time to name the deep connections between wealth, government policies, abuses by big business, and the global climate crisis, which is now spinning out of control. Please read and join me in this call to action.

Organic Marxism: An Alternative to Capitalism and Ecological Catastrophe now available for purchase at this link.


Joe Carson

October 22, 2014at 9:25 am

Hi Phil et al,

Does the book address the “suffering persecution for righteousness’ sake” part or that professionally privileged Christians as we – at least some of us, at times – will have to put our operative “gods” – our professional standing and economic security – at risk to confront the institutional evil that likely precludes civilization making it more-or-less intact to year 2100, if not confronted, reduced, and controlled?

I ordered the book, so I’ll see. But I’m doubtful, given that no Christian leader, including you, have rebuked, in name of God, any established legal record of corporation or gov’t agency law-breaking. One example would be BP pleading guilty to 11 charges of criminal manslaughter and a raft of other environmental law and regulation violations at 2010 Gulf Oil spill – no Christian leader, NGO, denomination has rebuked BP in name of God nor asked “just where were the Christian engineers, geologists, etc” as BP cut corner after corner for public safety out of “love of money.”

Philip Clayton

October 22, 2014at 1:27 pm

Joe, I accept the rebuke. Friends are now going to jail in climate protests, however, and yes, in the name of Christ. Less to challenge industrial abuses.

See what you think of the book — maybe you’ll say it goes *too* far!

— Philip

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