Institutional Leadership

Over almost three decades in higher education Dr. Clayton has served as faculty member, administrator for major grant programs, Dean, Provost, Senior Vice President, and Executive Vice President.

As a university executive and as the administrator of research projects and staff, Dr. Clayton has gained experience in administering institutions and in managing people and programs, including program design and development, program implementation, fiscal oversight of multi-million dollar budgets, coaching managers, staff hiring and termination, and institutional leadership.

Dr. Clayton’s work history includes branding, public relations, interpreting programs to key constituencies, fundraising, working with foundations, staff development, consultation with university counsel, and board relations. He also has extensive experience in designing, administering, and evaluating academic programs and personnel, including managing a diverse faculty.

The greater part of Dr. Clayton’s career, and most of his research, has been dedicated to liberal arts education. After receiving a joint Ph.D. from Yale in philosophy and religion, he taught philosophy at Williams College, at that point the number one liberal arts college in the United States. The next 12 years included teaching and then administration at one of the California State University campuses, educating mostly first-generation students from vastly different racial and ethnic backgrounds. At CSU Sonoma he chaired a large department, ran the Office responsible for all innovations to the University’s academic programs, received a statewide grant for pioneering Distance Education, and served in a variety of other leadership roles.

For Dr. Clayton’s full curriculum vitae, click here.

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