Confronting the Predicament of Belief: The Quest for God in Radical Uncertainty

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Confronting the Predicament of Belief: The Quest for God in Radical Uncertainty

I just saw that the Kindle version of Confronting the Predicament of Belief: The Quest for God in Radical Uncertainty is now available on Amazon, and for only $6.39. We are hoping that the dialogical format for this new book will make it a great way to invite folks to wrestle with the “predicament of belief” in today’s world.  More on this book below:

Instead of suppressing doubts about religious claims, what if we engage them head-on? Imagine theologians who welcome the uncomfortable questions rather than immunizing their proposals from criticisms. Image what happens when discussions of the deepest issues—God and science, faith and doubt, suffering and evil, death and resurrection—are guided by the real-life challenges of believing and living in today’s world?

Let me say a word about the genesis of this book. A few years ago, Steve Knapp and I published a major presentation of the “predicament of belief” and offered a defense of Christian faith in light of the dominant doubts of our day. An Adventist Sabbath School class at the University of Loma Linda undertook an in-depth study of the book, inviting me for a series of probing dialogues. Eight of its members — spending the spectrum from evangelical to post-Christian, from theologians to scientists — then prepared careful critiques, which now form the heart of the present volume. In response, Knapp and I contributed a new essay on why, and how, Christian belief remains viable in this age of science and religious pluralism.

The queries from our critics are probing and serious. Together with our response, they invite you into the living experience of doubt and faiththe spiritual quest of our age. We invite you to consider not only what you believe, but also how you hold your beliefs . . . and what you can do with them in everyday life.

Kindle version now available. Join this important conversation for only $6.29!


























Neale Povey

February 14, 2015at 1:21 am

A rough biker at a rest stop gave me this insight about faith, the embracing of emptiness —– yadda yadda yadda. (I speak as a Zen man who has walked through many koans). The biker relates as situations break through in that wonderful way. He calls them “POST-IT NOTES FROM GOD”. Evidence. Get to know God. Watch for the notes. Blessings to you, my unknown friend.


March 30, 2015at 6:39 pm

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