Audio and Video

Philip Clayton on Radio Evolve – A German radio program on modern spiritualities.

Radio Evolve


Philip Clayton – Emergent Mind: What Brains & Cognition Tell Us About Faith” – IRS at CHC

Philip Clayton – Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization

Radiolab – Goo and You

Philip Clayton – Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris Interview

Philip Clayton – Can Theology and Science Work Together

Philip Clayton – A Finite History of Infinity

Philip Clayton on Fethullah Gulen and Hizmet (In Turkish, here)

Philip Clayton speaks with Jeff Cerreira and Andrew Cohen

Philip Clayton on Transforming Theology

Philip Clayton – How can we talk about God

Philip Clayton – The faces of radical religion in the early 21st century

Philosophy, Science, and Religion – Daniel Dennett v Philip Clayton

Philip Clayton – Beyond Fighting, Beyond Fear: Redeeming Religion and Science

Philip Clayton – Learning from Evangelicals

Philip Clayton – How can emergence explain reality?

Philip Clayton – How Should we think about god’s existence

Philip Clayton – We should sacrifice and risk what we have now

Philip Clayton – Theology After Google Interview

Philip Clayton on the Occupy Movement

Philip Clayton – Neurophenomenology as Key to the Emergent Self

Philip Clayton – Theological Education

Philip Clayton – Science versus Religion or Science and Religion – Part 1

Philip Clayton – Science versus Religion or Science and Religion – Part 2

Philip Clayton – Emergent Mind: What Brains and Cognition tell us about Faith

Philip Clayton – The Science of Emergence 101

Philip Clayton – Soularize

Philip Clayton – A Call to the Emerging Church

Philip Clayton – Theology of Joy

Philip Clayton – Reply to Rep. John Shimkus on Theology and Ecology

Philip Clayton – Erdoğan’ın politikaları uluslararsı sorun haline dönüştü

Philip Clayton – A Challenge to Pat Robertson, Bishop Spong … & Stephen Colbert

Philip Clayton – A Wesleyan Call to the Love of God

Philip Clayton – What Does “Progressive” Mean?

Philip Clayton – Making Theology Concrete Through Love

Philip Clayton – A Call to Embodied Love

Philip Clayton – No More Eco-Denial

Philip Clayton – Credible and Non-Credible Models for Mediating Between Biology and Theories of Altruism


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