A Powerful Vision for Interfaith Partnerships

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A Powerful Vision for Interfaith Partnerships

The launch of Claremont Lincoln University a few days ago was an amazing event. The day opened with a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the new partnership with the international Jain community. I’ll post photos and links when I get them.

The fall convocation an hour later then celebrated the launch of the new university. It opened with Korean drumming group and the procession of the faculty in academic regalia. They were followed by five different chants in five different languages, representing five different spiritual traditions, each one followed by an interpretation and brief message. Here is the link, in case you want to watch the whole ceremony.

The highlight of the event, however, was the talk by the Ambassador to the U.S. from South Africa, Ebrahim Rasool. His comments were so complimentary of Claremont Lincoln that I thought a staffperson here had written them, but it turned out he had written the entire speech by himself. The Ambassador expressed a moving vision of what multireligious partnerships can do to make a profound difference int he world.

I’ve just gotten links to the text and the audio of the Ambassador’s speech. You read the text here, and download the audio of the entire speech here. I’d recommend listening to it as you drive or walk — it’s an amazing vision, and it could just be the positive face of religion for the 21st century.


Rev. Dr. Rod Mitchell

September 23, 2011at 6:48 pm

Wonderful news – keep up the good work, cooperation between different religious traditions essential in our exciting sometimes frighting world. How can we as a local liberal church community here in Dunedin New Zealand support or link into your cooperative venture? I was at the Melbourne Parliament of world religions and became acutely aware that as Christians we need to learn how to respectfully work with others who see and experience the world differently. Rod Mitchell

Mark McLeod-Harrison

October 6, 2011at 2:58 pm

Congratulations, Phil and all the others involved. A good step forward for inter-religious discussion and dialogue!

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